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Student Achievements

Over the years, many pupils have gone on to further training with some of the most established schools and colleges in the country.

Pupils have been accepted in to ‘The Royal Ballet School’ (Associate, Lower & Senior Schools), ‘ Elmhurst Ballet School’, ‘Central School of Ballet’, ‘Bush Davis School’, ‘Hammond School’, ‘Arts Educational School’, ‘Laine Theatre Arts’, ‘Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts’, ‘ Laban Centre’, ‘ Mountview Theatre School’, ‘Italia Conti’, ‘ Central School of Speech & Drama’ and ‘London Studio centre’.

Students success is not only measured by those who progress to further training and a potential career. Success comes in many ways, shapes and forms. A 75 year old lady attending a weekly ‘keep fit’ class brings in itself a high level of achievement and pleasure to both teacher and pupil. Success also shows its face as youngsters with either social or physical disabilities learn to relax and control their bodies and minds to far greater effect. Confidence, motivation, application, hard work, reward and enjoyment are all key elements that can be experienced by anyone, whether 3 years old or 83 years old.

Past Students:

Tiffany Gibson has recently attained a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Choreography with Distinction. She was successfully chosen to perform one of her own pieces, 'Maybe we should' at 'The Place' in January for 'Resolutions 2012'. Tiff has also been invited to attend the Summer Master Classes at 'The Place'.

Justine Buckley - 'Bollywood' film India, performed in Hong Kong and now dancing in a show in Greece.

Amy Buck continues successfully in TV and film work, now rehearsing BBC and ITV productions.

Oliver Barrow has just returned from America and Europe where he performed 'Spirit of the Dance'.

Tiffany Longley now has her own dance school. Laura Jones finishes at the Royal Academy of Dance this term, where she is training to become a teacher of dance.

Helen Bray is now teaching RAD in South Africa.

Dayna Arrowsmith is performing and dance captain on a cruise ship line.

Kay Cowling now has her own dance school.

Peter Babbage is in his third year at Millennium Performing Arts.

Hazel Firth is in her first year at Laban.

Joshua Hamilton-Fletcher is in his second year at Winchester University studying Contemporary Performing Arts.

Grace Taylor successfully auditioned and accepted a place at Millennium Performing Arts.

Connor McCrory will be doing the Performing Foundation in Drama in his fourth year at Tring Park.

James Lovell is looking forward to his second year at Tring Park.

Joshua Stuckes will be taking part in the RAD Summer School in Bournemouth having won the special award last year.

Chloe Parsons studied at The Royal Academy of Dance, gaining her Ballet Education Degree. She now has her own school in Wareham.

Several pupils have been selected for the Royal Ballet School Junior Associates audition next year where both Joshua Stuckes and Louis Dobbs are currently attending. Both boys have already performed with the Royal Ballet Company at The Opera House.

I'm sure you will agree - such fantastic achievements, testament to the high standards at The Ranger School of Dance!

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